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Sinclair Lewis Quiz

  1. In what 1960 film that won him an Oscar did Burt Lancaster compare love to "the morning and the evening star"?
  2. The site of Lewis's birth is now on an avenue named for him.
  3. The wife of this Sinclair Lewis realtor calls him "Georgie Boy."
  4. This Sinclair Lewis title character became involved with fellow religious hypocrite Sharon Falconer.
  5. What 1930s novel of his did Lewis help adapt for the stage? (Clue: He played the protagonist in summer stock.)
  6. This Sinclair Lewis title character studied medicine at the University of Winnemac.
  7. Lewis refused the Pulitzer Prize for what novel?
  8. What fellow Pulitzer Prize winner did Lewis dedicate Babbitt to?
  9. Sinclair Lewis's novel Main Street is set in the town of Gopher Praire in this state.
  10. Cass Timberlane and Kingsblood Royal are set in what city?