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Work of Art, 1934

(pagination from the Popular Library edition)

"[P]robably none of the Weagles gave five minutes' thought a year to theology or ecclesiology, except Ora, who occasionally stirred up a lot of interesting family irritation by announcing that he was going to become a Catholic, an Episcolpalian, a Buddhist, or a Seventh Day Adventist." Ch. 4, Pg. 40.

"Myron, aged fifteen, was trying to determine his spiritual destiny � which, in the United States of America, meant his job future." Ch. 5, Pg. 44.

"It was 1904, and God and William Jennings Byron were still alive and popular." Ch. 11, Pg. 105.

"Myron reflected that there are so many people in the world who are eager to do for you things that you do not wish done, provided only that you will do for them things that you don't wish to do." Ch. 21, Pg. 214.