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The Job, 1917

(pagination from the Bison Book paperback edition)

"His entire system of theology was comprised in the Bible, which he never read, and the Methodist Church, which he rarely attended." I-1, 3.

"Fine, large, meaningless, general terms like romance and business can always be related. They take the place of thinking, and are highly useful to optimists and lecturers." IV-2, 41.

"The reason for it all, nobody who is actually engaged in it can tell you, except the bosses, who believe that these sacred rites of composing dull letters and solemnly filing them away are observed in order that they may buy the large automobiles in which they do not have time to take the air." IV-2, 41.

"Mr. Wilkins came back and hemmed and hawed a good deal; he praised the work she hadn't considered well done, and pointed out faults in what she considered particularly clever achievements �" XII-1, 180.

"It has been calculated taht ninety-three million women in all parts of the world have ruined their complexions, and therefore, their souls, by Pemberton's creams and lotions for saving the same; and that nearly three-tenths of the alcohol consumed in prohibition counties is obtained in Pemberton's tonics and blood-builders and women's specifics, the last being regarded by large farmers with beards as especially tasty and stimulating." XIV-3, 223.

"This age, which should adjudge happiness to be as valuabe as soap or munitions, would nev3er come so long as the workers accepted the testimony of paid spokesmen � to the effect that they were contented and happy, rather than the evidence of their own wincing nerves to the effect that they live in a polite version of hell." XIV-4, 236.